Code Blue Unit Planner

(see finished project here)

Established Goals:

Science Standard 5: Understands the structure and function of cells and organisms
  • Benchmark 5.4: Knows that multicellular organisms have a variety of specialized cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems that perform specialized functions (e.g., digestion, respiration, reproduction, circulation, excretion, movement, control and coordination, protection from disease)
  • Benchmark 5.5: Knows that organisms have a great variety of body plans and internal structures that serve specific functions for survival (e.g., digestive structures in vertebrates, invertebrates, unicellular organisms, and plants)
  • Benchmark 5.8: Knows that disease in organisms can be caused by intrinsic failures of the system or infection by other organisms
IT Standard 1: Demonstrate a sound understanding of basic operations and concepts of technology systems.
  • Benchmark 1.3: Know how to identify appropriate file formats for a variety of applications and apply utility programs to convert formats, as necessary, for effective use in Web, video, audio, graphic, presentation, word processing, database, publication, and spreadsheet applications.
IT Standard 4: Demonstrate competence in the use of technology communications tools
  • Benchmark 4.1: Know how to use telecommunications tools such as e-mail, discussion groups, and online collaborative environments to exchange data collected and learn curricular concepts by communicating with peers, experts, and other audiences.
  • Benchmark 4.2: Know how to use a variety of media and formats to design, develop, publish, and present products (e.g., presentations, newsletters, Web pages) that effectively communicate information and ideas about the curriculum to multiple audiences.
IT Standard 5: Demonstrate competence in the use of technology research tools
  • Benchmark 5.1: Know how to conduct an advanced search using Boolean logic and other sophisticated search functions; and know how to evaluate information from a variety of sources for accuracy, bias, appropriateness, and comprehensiveness.

Essential Understandings:

  • Students will understand that the body systems are interconnected
  • Students will understand that each body system has a function that relates to the overall health of the human being.
  • Students will understand that they can find and communicate information with both a local and worldwide audience through the use of technology tools.

Essential Questions:

  • What is the relationship between cells, tissues and organs?
  • How does each of our body systems work with the others to help keep us well?
  • What are the functions and purposes of each system?
  • How do the different components of the body work together to enable humans to survive and interact with their environment?
  • Why does it matter if I take care of my body?
  • How can I use technology to effectively find appropriate information and communicate what I’ve learned?

Assessment Evidence

Goal: Your task is to successfully open an online Medical Clinic.
Role: A specialist in the Clinic
• Cardiologist
• Pulmonologist
• Orthopedic Surgeon
• Gastroenterologist
• Immunologist
• Neurologist
Audience: all 6th grade science students, plus a worldwide audience via the web
Situation: You must inform your audience about the systems of the body using multiple resources and visualization techniques.
Product Performance: You will create a wikispace for your clinic. Your wikispace must include:
• Functions of each body system
• Doctorly advice about why it is important to keep this body system healthy
• External resources about each body system
• Images describing the function of each system
• Patient consultations
Extension: Describe how your body system can be adversely affected.

Additional Evidence:
Explain: Students will pass the Medical Board exam to become a “certified specialist”. Students must include:
• a 3D model of your own design
• a 2D system diagram of your own design
Explain: Students will teach the other members of their clinic about their body system in order to pass the Physiology Test to open their clinic.
Explain: Students will create a wikispace about human body systems (GRASPS task)
Apply: Students will diagnose patients with various illnesses in Grand Rounds (could be used as role play for advanced students)
Apply: Students will use appropriate research skills to learn more about their individual body systems.
Interpret: Students will analyze, synthesize and evaluate information that they researched to create a comprehensive wikispace for their clinic (GRASPS task). Students will present information at an age appropriate level.
Self-Knowledge: Students will develop personalized health goals and explain why they are important for your own body (on blog)
Self-Knowledge: Students will write a journal reflection on their blog, discussing the experience of creating a wiki, how they can use the skills for other classes or for themselves, and what they learned about finding reliable information online.