Samples of Grade 6 Technology Integration Projects

  • Social Studies Meets IT: Blogging in Social Studies: We started out the year using blogs to learn about current events. Since then, these student blogs have expanded into a one-stop-shop for all social studies work, as well as a place to post other core subject material.
  • Code Blue!: Wikis in Science: In order to develop an authentic assessment for a project about the human body systems, we decided to have the students create an online medical clinic in the form of a wiki. This was an exciting project because students were able to collaborate across class sections (even though they never actually sat in the same classroom at the same time, they were able to work on the same wikispace).
  • Are You Ready?: Wikis in Study Skills: As students learned about different study skills to make the transition from elementary to middle school easier, they collaborated on a wiki to help other sixth grade students at school and around the world.
  • Where in the World?: Google Earth in Social Studies: Students began their geography unit by researching different countries and marking them on Google Earth (still looking for a way to post this online).
  • Ancient Africa (Block D, Block E, Block H): Wikis in Social Studies: Students culminate their unit on ancient Africa by collaborating to create an informative and exciting, research-based, wiki about the history of ancient Africa.
  • Sixth Grade IT: Wikis in IT: Students as authors of the sixth grade IT curriculum. All students contribute to this space in order to record, describe and analyze everything they’ve learned in this 9-week exploratory course.
  • Project FeelGood: Wikis, Blogs & Multimedia in IT: Students will collaborate with a class in New Zealand to design an multimedia presentation about things that make them happy. We will utilize a variety of online tools to communicate with our partners across the globe including Skype, wikispaces, blogs, e-mail, and whatever we discover along the way!