Resources for Using Wikis in Education:

What is a Wiki?
Wild About Wikis from TechLearning: An introduction to wikis and their use in the classroom.
Wide Open Spaces from Educase: An introduction to wikis and their use in the classroom. (.pdf file)
Definition from the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology
What's A Wiki by Christopher Sessums: this gives a clear, detailed overview of what a wiki is and how they can be used in education.

What do wikis look like?
You might want to start at the wikispaces official educational wikis space where you can see a wide selection of completed wikis. You could also check out some of the great wikis our teachers and students are making here at this school. And, some excellent wikis from teachers and students around the world. Many of these have extensive resources on how to start wiki projects in the classroom.

How do I start using wikis?

How Teachers Can Use Wikis in the Classroom
"5 uses of wikis:
  • Summarize and synthesize the information from a lesson
  • Collaboration of notes e.g. when studying for an exam
  • Introducing concepts and exploring projects
  • Sharing information with other community members
  • Individual assessment projects"

I'm ready to start! How can I make my own class wiki?
WikiSpaces is offering 100,000 free wikispaces to educators. Sign up here to get one!