Welcome to Tech in the Middle!

This is a modest attempt at creating a dynamic resource for all middle school teachers, in an effort to support IT integration across the curriculum. I'm hoping that we can all read, use and add information to this space throughout the year. For starters, I am posting a selection of links that I have found which I hope inspire teachers to utilize technology as a tool for learning.found.jpg If you are interested in collaborating on this project, please request membership to this space. Learn more about this project.

Start here:

Or, select a main category here:
  • Vision - a vision and mission for technology integration, including a sample middle school framework for how to structure a technology integration program.
  • Projects - samples of successful tech integration projects at the middle school level, organized by subject and grade level.
  • Links - an extensive selection of useful external links to help support tech integration, organized by technology tool and subject area.

I welcome your additions, feedback and comments.


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